Definitions for "Aniline"
Keywords:  nitrobenzene, oily, amine, indigo, dye
An organic base belonging to the phenylamines. It may be regarded as ammonia in which one hydrogen atom has been replaced by the radical phenyl. It is a colorless, oily liquid, originally obtained from indigo by distillation, but now largely manufactured from coal tar or nitrobenzene as a base from which many brilliant dyes are made.
A Chemical dye, first produced in the 1860's and ubiquitous in the Middle East from the 1880's. Most frequently encountered in the red-blue-purple range, the substance being named after anil, the indigo plant. Colors are very fugitive; a bright orange-pink, for instance, will fade at the tip to walnut-brown.
A product of coal tar used in the manufacturing of artificial dyes.
C6H5NH2. An important organic base made by reacting chlorobenzene with aqueous ammonia in the presence of a catalyst. It is used in the production of aniline formaldehyde resins, and in the manufacture of certain rubber accelerators and antioxidants.
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Made from, or of the nature of, aniline.