Definitions for "Color key"
See Chroma Key.
3M brand name for overlay color proof.
Color overlays made from the film separations. Used to proof color and balance.
The color key is the list of symbols and corresponding colors that are found on the chart. Most color keys will show the symbol, then the color number found on the skein of floss, then the name of that color.
A value indicating the color to be used for transparent or translucent effects. For example, when using a hardware blitter, all the pixels of a rectangular area are blitted, except the value that was set as the color key; this creates nonrectangular sprites on a surface.
A color key is used to separate one color from an image like how an actor or weatherman is separated from a blue screen. The separated image can then have the color replaced with the visible game world.
A small retangular area within certain CESLab Instrument windows that displays placards of different colors, each accompanied by an explanatory legend, that associate names or numeric values with the displayed data.
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Cost Sharing System (CSS)
The negatives for the full color photo are made positive and put together to check to see if the colors match the original photo.
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Covered veteran