Definitions for "Covered "
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Covered is a Verilog code coverage utility that reads in a Verilog design and generated VCD/LXT dumpfile from that design and generates a coverage file that can be merged with other coverage files or used to create a coverage report. Covered also contains the GUI coverage report utility that reads in a coverage file to allow interactive coverage discovery.
Covered is a Verilog code-coverage utility using VCD/LXT style dumpfiles and the design to generate line, toggle, combinational logic and FSM state/arc coverage reports. Covered also contains a built-in race condition checker and GUI report viewer.
A covered option strategy is an investment in which all short options are completely offset with a position in the underlying or a long option in the same asset. The loss potential with such a strategy is therefore limited.
A position is described as covered if the cash or asset to be delivered by the contractual obligation in the derivatives position is already held, e.g. if you sell a copper future and thereby become obligated to deliver 25 tonnes of copper you would be covered if you already held the copper. Not to be confused with margin.
Dealer and player working in concert to make sure that multiple bets are properly positioned.
or Covert Way - in permanent fortifications, a walkway extending around the outside of the moat or ditch of the main line; in fieldworks, a ditch and parapet designed to protect and conceal the movement of troops and supplies to the front lines from camps or supply caches in the rear.  A covered way was not "covered," in the sense of being roofed over; it provided cover from gunfire.
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electronic waste (CEW): A covered electronic waste is a discarded covered electronic device (CED). A CED means a device that is identified in the regulations adopted by the Department of Toxics and Substance and Substance Control pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 23214.10.1 (b). Examples of CEDs include computer monitors, cathode ray tube devices including televisions and monitors, LCD monitors and laptops, and LCD and plasma televisions.
overlaid or spread or topped with or enclosed within something; sometimes used as a combining form; "women with covered faces"; "covered wagons"; "a covered balcony"
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having the head and face covered; "the bride's veiled head"; "veiled Muslim women"
a full service make-up artistry/styling company
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Various measures, such as the use of condoms or dental dams, are taken to avoid diseases (as AIDS) transmitted by sexual contact. (e.g. Covered Blow Job means a condom was used.)
With a condom
Under cover; screened; sheltered; not exposed; hidden.
This refers to a tank where the top is covered with a lid and the contents are subjected to atmospheric pressure.
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A synonym for hedged, but usually only used in certain contexts.... more on Covered
The covered, or insured, a term often used in the legal documents of your life insurance policy, refers to the person whose life is being insured. It is in the event of the death of the covered that the death benefit is paid out to the designated beneficiaries.
A person covered by a pension plan is one who has fulfilled the eligibility requirements in the plan, for whom benefits have accrued, or are accruing, or who is receiving benefits under the plan.
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This refers to having a bettor "covered" in chips. If you go all-in with $1000, and I have $3000 chips remaining, I have you covered.