Definitions for "pension"
Post-retirement benefits that an employee might receive from some employers....
A payment; a tribute; something paid or given.
A stated allowance to a person in consideration of past services; payment made to one retired from service, on account of age, disability, or other cause; also, a regular stipend paid by a government to retired public officers, disabled soldiers, the families of soldiers killed in service, or to meritorious authors, or the like.
a gratuity extended to an individual by his sovereign as a reward for past services
a gratuity granted by statute, subject to such limitations as may be imposed with respect thereto
a gratuity only where it is granted for services previously rendered which at the time they were rendered gave rise to no legal obligation
In family law, pensions are a part of the family's assets and the value of the pension must be divided. Some pensions – normally government pensions or pensions from large companies – are worth a considerable amount of money, perhaps more than your home. Don't rely on what the employer says the value of the pension is – always obtain an actuarial valuation of the pension.
actuarial value of assets domestic equity IAC
a bit more like a hotel, and is likely to have separate entrances for guests, hallways with rooms off of them, etc
A private home that has been converted into a guest house, found mainly in Europe and Latin America.
Pension mortgage - an interest only mortgage where the capital will be repaid from the tax-free cash sum that can be received from the pension fund at maturity. If you fail to make suitable arrangements to repay the mortgage loan amount at the end of the full term the lender may have no option but to take proceedings to repossess your property. It is your responsibility to ensure that an adequate repayment method is in place. Your lender will remind you annually of the need to make sure that an adequate repayment method is in place.
To dream of drawing a pension, foretells that you will be aided in your labors by friends. To fail in your application for a pension, denotes that you will lose in an undertaking and suffer the loss of friendships.
A payment granted to an individual, or that person's dependents, who sustained an industrial accident or has an industrial disease which resulted in a permanent disability and was awarded a monthly pension payable for life or the duration of the disability. This award is established by the Board and proportioned upon the diminution of earnings capacity. Under certain circumstances, the pension can be a lump sum.
a stipend provided to an elderly or disabled military veteran, or to his widow or children, upon proof of military service.
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a bad place for gossips
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a family-owned owned guesthouse
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a great way to save and invest tax free for my future, I use it C
a special long term tax-free savings wrapper you can put a range of investments in
a tax efficient savings vehicle that is intended to allow the saver to live without working at a later point in his or her life
(Portuguese - pensão, but note that a pensão can be quite large, luxurious and expensive). Small establishments offering rooms for the night and little else, pensiones are your staple budget accommodation.
A boarding house or boarding school in France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.
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a marital asset which the court must consider in the overall division of marital assets
an asset, just like a car, a bank account or a house
A repayment vehicle associated with Interest Only mortgages.
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a long term investment