Definitions for "Guest"
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A lodger or a boarder at a hotel, lodging house, or boarding house.
a customer of a hotel or restaurant etc.
staying temporarily; "a visiting foreigner"; "guest conductor"
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Sometimes you can be "invited" into a computer system as a guest - although you usually have restricted access.
an anonymous person who is posting to the forum
a guest is someone who is either not logged into their BbUsername, or someone not registered with BbBoard. Sometimes a guest is actually a search engine spider like a Googlebot, gathering information for indexing pages to come up in search results. Guest posting can be allowed or disallowed in each Forum's Settings. If a Forum is able to be viewed by Guests then expect it to be spidered and to be ranked for search string results.
A visitor; a person received and entertained in one's house or at one's table; a visitor entertained without pay.
To receive or entertain hospitably.
Any visitor to the translogistica web site who is not a translogistica Member.
a friend or colleague being hosted by a student, faculty, or staff member of Wellesley College
a person who is affiliated with UNB, but is not defined by Human Resources as a regular employee (staff or faculty) on the UNB payroll and is not defined by the Registrar's Office as an active student
a spouse, partner/significant other, family member or friend whose occupation is unrelated to the trademark industry
Keywords:  allah, thief, gift, tragedy, tourist
a gift, a thief a tragedy
a gift from Allah' and you'll be treated as such if you stop hitting all the tourist areas
a gift from Allah, they say
A person whom a Meeting Invitee has requested to attend a standards meeting. This person will receive all meeting documentation once their attendance is approved.
a non-Member attending a Hammersmith Quilters' Guild Meeting
a person holding an earned doctorate who desires to attend courses and seminars relevant to individual work or interest without registering or receiving grades
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An inquiline.
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an AMA member, GTRCC non-member, flying with their own transmitter and who is accompanied by a GTRCC member
A Linksys Wireless Guard/McAfee Wireless Security Guest is a temporary member, with limited access and administration privileges.
Guests may download and use our free Internet printing software, but only PrinterOn Members are entitled to a suite of additional printing features and services.
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The Guest user (Empower Pro Only) is allowed to bypass normal registration procedures. If Guest access is enabled, there will be a special Guest Button in the registration dialog. It is important that you carefully consider if you want that kind of access, and limit the amount of access you grant the Guest user. You can turn off Guest access in Volume Preferences: Volume Startup.
A second operating system that runs on the user’s primary operating system – e.g., VSE/ESA running as a guest under z/VM.
Anyone who connects to a server without supplying a name. Guest access is set in the File Sharing control panel on the Users & Groups tab, and is turned on or off with Mac OS file sharing.
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a huge salad this trump taj
a person who connects to the network without having to give a name or a password
A Services for Macintosh user who does not have a user account or who does not provide a password. When a Macintosh user assigns permissions to everyone, these permissions are given to the guests and users of that group.
A common name for a login account that can be accessed without a password. BBSs and service providers often maintain such an account so that prospective subscribers can sample the services offered.
United States journalist (born in England) noted for his syndicated homey verse (1881-1959)
Any insect that lives in the nest of another without compulsion and usually not as a parasite.
Organism living on or in a host; a parasite.
an individual traveling with WestJet, obtaining travel services from or through WestJet or any other entity, whether in connection with travel services from or through WestJet or otherwise
A purchaser of an establishment's goods or services.
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a seat bingo hall located a half
Keywords:  contestant, house, ten, light
a light in the house
A contestant; e.g., "There are ten Guests in the House."
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a dj playing dance tunes plus a deal that
Guest is the term assigned to a typical virtual machine. It is a complete virtualized instance of Linux but it is limited in the hardware resources that it can access (limited by the virtualization software/host in use).
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(computer science) any computer that is hooked up to a computer network
Keywords:  act, part
To be, or act the part of, a guest.