Definitions for "Emancipation"
A bondman's change from the tyranny of another to the despotism of himself. He was a slave: at word he went and came; His iron collar cut him to the bone. Then Liberty erased his owner's name, Tightened the rivets and inscribed his own. G.J.
The act of setting free from the power of another, from slavery, subjection, dependence, or controlling influence; also, the state of being thus set free; the act or process of emancipation, or the state thereby achieved; liberation; as, the emancipation of slaves; the emancipation of minors; the emancipation of a person from prejudices; the emancipation of the mind from superstition; the emancipation of a nation from tyranny or subjection.
A legal process for freeing a minor from all or part of the restrictions of childhood, including the presumption of legal incompetency.
is the elimination of impediments to human freedom. Marx ties emancipation directly to the idea of self-determination (Lukes, 1983).
Emancipation is a 1996 triple-CD album by Prince (then known as ). The title refers to Prince's freedom from his contract with Warner Bros. Records, with whom he had a contentious relationship.
Emancipation was a champion Australian thoroughbred racehorse foaled in 1979. A daughter of Bletchingly from the Gunsynd mare Ammo Girl she was bred by Mark Hough in New South Wales.
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Emancipation is an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. It guest starred Chris Eigeman as Mr. Herkabe, Malcolm's new teacher.
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The legal process, which began in Europe with the French Revolution, of granting to the Jews equal civic rights in the countries in which they resided.
To release from paternal care and responsibility
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A desktop environment for Windows 32-bit.
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Emergency Protective Order