Definitions for "Eligible child"
A member’s or an annuitant’s unmarried natural or adopted child who is under age 18 or age 22 if he or she is a full-time student. Also, can be a disabled adult child. Adopted children are eligible only if the adoption proceedings were finalized while the child was a minor. The definition applies to eligibility for certain survivor benefits.
In general, the natural or adopted child, stepchild, or a child of a domestic partner of a disabled or deceased UCRP member. The child must have received at least 50% support from the member for one year before the member's death, disability date, or retirement, whichever occurs first. The child must be under age 18, under 22 and attending an educational institution full time, or disabled; the disability must have occurred while the child was eligible based on age, as stated above. For more information, see the UCRP Summary Plan Description.
a child with special needs if all three of the following apply