Definitions for "Individualized Family Service Plan"
Required by IDEA under Part C for infants and toddlers receiving early intervention services; the IFSP combines the IEP notion of planning with the idea that the family is critical to infant development. For children with disabilities ages 3-5, an IFSP may serve as the IEP if using that plan is agreed to by the District and at least one of the child's parents.
A written plan for each infant and toddler receiving early intervention services. Public Law 99-457 requires that all children receiving early intervention services have an IFSP. In addition to containing goals and objectives for the child, the IFSP includes a statement about the family's strengths and needs related to the child's development. The IFSP must be amended 90 days prior to the child's third birthday (180 days in some states such as Illinois) to include goals and objectives related to transition.
A written plan for providing early intervention services to an individual eligible for such services under 34 CFR 303, July 1, 1999, and the individual's family.