Definitions for "Child protective services"
Usually a division within the child welfare agency that responds to and investigates child abuse and neglect allegations and provides initial services to stabilize a family.
Services that concentrate on ensuring that a child's needs (i.e., health, social, welfare, safety etc.,) are met and to guarantee that he/she is not within a situation which can be of danger to him/her. (children, for them, care, with it, service) (children, looking after them, with them, services)
A program of identifiable and specialized child welfare which seeks to: prevent dependency, abuse and exploitation of children by reaching out with social services to stabilize family life and preserve the family unit by focusing on families where unresolved problems have produced visible signs of dependency or abuse and the home situation presents actual and potential hazards to the physical or emotional well-being of children. The program shall seek to strengthen parental capacity and ability to provide good childcare.