Definitions for "CSE"
Cincinnati Stock Exchange. Stock exchange based in Cincinnati that is the only fully automated stock exchange in the US It has no trading floor, but handles all members' transactions using computers.
Colspan br b Cincinnati Stock Exchange
Is the Chicago Stock Exchange.
Canadian agency that gathers communications intelligence and assist law enforcement and security agencies
Customer Support Engineer
Child Support Enforcement Agency
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Consejo Supremo Electoral
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Class is title Council of Science Editors
Class t alt Council of Science Editors
(U.S.) Consortium for Superconducting Electronics
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Countywide Siting Element
Certificate of Secondary Education
Committee on Special Education (ages 6-21) Members: Chairperson, Psychologist, Educational Specialist, Parent Member
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Charte Sociale Européenne
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CAMEL service environment
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Consumer Subsidy Equivalent
Commercial Sex Establishment
Communications Security Establishment
commercial sexual exploitation
Customer Service Environment
Customer Service Executive. Member of the Planning team who co-ordinates projects and keeps customers informed.
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Centre for Sustainable Energy