Definitions for "Child support"
This is financial support payable by a parent for a child who does not usually live with that person. The term is relevant for Stage 2 cases.• Child Maintenance/Child Support
A court ordered or administratively-ordered monetary amount to be paid by an obligor.
The money paid by a person specifically to provide for the needs of a minor child.
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(chiyald-suh-port)...(n.)...what most fathers in Hawaii are required to pay in monthly installments though usually do not
In Virginia, the courts are going to make sure the best interest of the child are looked after. When it comes to the children, believe me when I say the judge does not care about the feelings of the mother or the father, the judge solely cares for what is in the best interests of the child. Should it be any different
Circuit Court
Can be counted on to qualify if it is received on a regular basis and will continue for another 3 years.
Monthly payments that contribute to the care of a child. Payments must be received continuously for three years to be counted toward qualifying income for a loan.
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See Visitation.
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Payments made to maintain a child or children.