Definitions for "Custody Order"
Keywords:  whom, child, ren, split, joint
An order made by a court placing a child in the care of a person. This term was after June 1996, replaced by "residence order" and from 1 July 2006 it is replaced with the term who the child 'lives with'.
An order entered by the court which states which parent the child(ren) will live with. a) Joint Custody - Both parents share important decisions about their child(ren). b) Sole Custody - One parent is responsible for important decisions regarding the child(ren) living with them. c) Custodial Parent - Person with legal custody and with whom the child lives. d) Non-custodial Parent - Parent who does not have primary custody of a child but who is responsible for financial support. e) Primary Residential Parent - In a joint custody agreements a term which indicates the parent with whom the child(ren) reside the majority of the time.
Legally binding determination that establishes with whom a child shall live. The meaning of different types of custody terms (e.g., Joint Custody, Shared Custody, Split Custody) vary from State to State.