Definitions for "chairperson"
the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization; -- same as chair{3} or chairman{1}, but used to achieve a sex-neutral register.
The individual charged with the responsibility for the completion of a project. The chairperson heads a committee and provides motivation and leadership for its members.
leader of the group with specific tasks leadership/elections 15
Keywords:  saikyo, 'iinch, taiyo, ryu, dan
Chairperson, known as in Japan, is a character from the Rival Schools series of fighting games. She is a student at Taiyo High School and is chairperson ('Iinchō') of the school's student council. She took Dan's Saikyo-ryu correspondence course because she believed it was easier than other styles of martial arts to learn due to her busy schedule as Chairperson.
The chairperson has the primary responsibility as spokesperson for the coalition. He or she may sign letters, testify in court, etc. on behalf of the coalition. The chairperson does not necessarily have to be from the lead agency. Frequently, the chairperson also acts as the facilitator.
As a member of the Board of Referees, the Chairperson has essentially the same role as the two other members. However, the Chairperson also oversees the procedure. His role is to ensure that all the parties at the hearing have an opportunity to present their version of the facts and that the Board members have had the opportunity to ask all their questions. The Chairperson also has the responsibility to write the decision.
A faculty member, chosen by his/her peers to coordinate the instructional activities of a program.
This person coordinates and supervises curriculum planning and arranges staff assignments within a particular academic department. A chairperson may help you with planning your program, signing forms, and discussing academic problems in that department.