Definitions for "Spokesperson"
A well-known person serving as a regular advocate of specific product or cause. Skiing star Picabo Street is firmly associated with Chapstick; Candice Bergen, with Sprint.
an advocate who represents someone else's policy or purpose; "the meeting was attended by spokespersons for all the major organs of government"
A central figure in an infomercial or spot, usually a celebrity, athlete or original developer of the featured product. Spokespersons lend credibility and provide reassurance of quality by virtue of their charisma and reputation.
or spokesmodel. Model chosen to explain the features of a product/service
Usually an attractive and well-spoken individual contracted to work in public, telling about a particular product or service.
one person (decided upon between the patient and family) who is able to call the Burn Center and obtain information about the patient. All other inquiries about the patient will generally be referred to the spokesperson. This policy is in place to protect patient confidentiality and allow the nurse more time at the bedside with the patient.
Proponents of a physics experiment must designate a spokesperson to act as coordinator and leader of the group's activities. The spokesperson bears many responsibilities related to both scientific and EH&S aspects of the experiment. Those EH&S responsibilities will vary depending on the extent of review required. The level of review will be driven in large part by whether the experiment is using the base equipment, modifying it, or using new equipment.
A person who speaks for or represents a company, organization or other person.
A person who speaks publicly about a product or service on behalf of a particular client or cause.
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One of the four basic team roles; his/her purpose is to report to the class as a whole the discoveries documented by the recorder