Definitions for "Advocate"
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One who pleads the cause of another. Specifically: One who pleads the cause of another before a tribunal or judicial court; a counselor.
One who defends, vindicates, or espouses any cause by argument; a pleader; as, an advocate of free trade, an advocate of truth.
To plead in favor of; to defend by argument, before a tribunal or the public; to support, vindicate, or recommend publicly.
a free member benefit
a member of the Developmental Research Program Review Committee
Added - 09 Thu March 2006 An advocate is a barrister or solicitor representing a party in a hearing before a Court.
Deworming agent for dogs and cats to combat internal and external parasites; active ingredients: imidacloprid and moxidectin
push for something; "The travel agent recommended strongly that we not travel on Thanksgiving Day"
a person that will go out of their way to recommend you to their friends and associates
a person who will go out of their way to recommend a salesperson to their friends and associates
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(mal-AKH may-LEETS) n. Advocate (1 John 2:1).
People group advocates are individuals who have committed themselves to one specific people group (ethnic group), to learn about them, their environment, culture, demographics, status, etc. They pray about how churches can be established among them. They may network and partner with others to encourage their involvement.
a champion for the group it represents
a woman who focuses on a specific unreached people group, and especially on the needs and opportunities of the women in that group
a community volunteer who has been highly trained and matched one-to-one with a child who, through no fault of their own, has been removed from his home for his or her own protection
an independent and competent volunteer who represents the interests of another person as if they were their own, and works to safeguard that persons human and legal rights
Christ, considered as an intercessor.
a Debian Developer who has worked with you in your capacity as a contributor to Debian, and believes you would be an asset to Debian
a trained counselor who can help you recognize your rights, especially your right not to be beaten, abused or controlled
to see that the patients rights and interests are protected in health.
An individual, either a parent or professional, who attempts to establish or improve services for exceptional children.
a professional at a Domestic Violence Prevention agency
An individual who is not an attorney, but who assists parents and children in their dealings with school districts regarding the children's special education programs.
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A product’s or services best and most loyal customer who receives incentives and information to help building the business.
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an example to others, such as those who come into our lives and profoundly affect our future
a publication of the Florida Marine Contractors Association, Inc
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See Taxpayer Advocate.
This term is often used to describe an attorney assigned to represent the child or youth in all legal matters and court proceedings related to her case.
an officer of the Court and is bound by these rules
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a broker, mediating between two parties
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a human being
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To act as advocate.
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See “ State's Advocate.