Definitions for "AKH"
The akh was the eternal part of the spirit, which existed forever. The akh went into the heavens and circled the stars. Ma'at-The Egyptian word for "what is right." It includes the idea of truth instead of lies, and a good balance instead of evil chaos. Ma'at is also the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess who wears a feather on her head. This feather is balanced against the heart of a person who died before they pass into the afterlife. If the heart remains as light as the feather, the person can move into the afterlife.
One of the three major components of the personality (along with the ba and the ka). The akh was the embodiment of each individual's immortality, leaving the body at death to join the stars. It was represented by the crested ibis hieroglyph sign.
(Sometimes written as "khu," "Kha" or "Ikh.") The actual substance and centerpoint of each person's divine soul. The akh is represented by the hieroglyph of the stork. This is the ultimate source of the superstition that newborns are brought by the stork.
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