Definitions for "Soul Mate"
Keywords:  mate, kindred, spiritual, love, whom
someone for whom you have a deep affinity
a being from another soul with whom we have physically mated in many lives
a being that cannot exist without another to insure a set possitive eternal relations such as spouse and mate
a person who shares our sense of life
a special girl, A girl that's just like me, She'll share tremendous oral sex, And try everything she sees"
a person, usually of the opposite sex who is, through a rare and lucky coincidence, almost a mirror image of one's own soul, emotional and mental inclinations. She or he shares a unity of purpose with the other person. However, anyone, through God-tuned Tantra yoga and wholeness, can transmute romantic love into soul-communion which leads to a mutually shared unity and shared sense of purpose.
a complement to
a person who so complements and shares your thoughts and worldview that you believe you were meant to be together
a elegant manner to waste your time After all, there are literally millions of people doing it as you read this
a person who fills in all the gaps of your personality
a partner for life
a single pair of matched partners that are in a cohered relationship
Keywords:  happens, relationship, level
a relationship that happens at the soul level