Definitions for "Mal"
Another name for a longboard, Derived from Malibu, although that has slightly different conitations
MODULAR AGATE LINE. A standardized unit of space equal to one column in width and 1/14" in depth. The width of the column is standardized as 2 1/16" in the case of broadsheets and 1 5/16" for tabloids. A modular agate line is often wider than an agate line. See also AGATE LINE BROADSHEET COLUMN TABLOID
Mal, son of Rochraide, was a legendary king of Ulster and later High King of Ireland in the 2nd century. He took the throne when he overthrew Tuathal Teachtmhar on the hill of Cennguba on the plain of Mag Line (Moylinny). After ruling for four years he was then overthrown by Tuathal's son Fedlimid Rechtmar.
a rosary made of 108 grains, used for the mental repetition of a mantra ( japa -litanies- practices). Being one the Ganesh emblems, the mâlâ has only 50 grains, as many as sanskrit letters, since Ganesh is, among other functions, the Protector of literature. Used grains are those of the rudraksha fruit (a shrub, Eleocarpus ganitras), known to be auspicious for Shiva worship (Rudra is one of the Shiva names). In the Vishnu worship, one uses tulsi (basil) grains
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colloq. malfunction.
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Movement Alert List
The capital island of the Maldives, located in southeast Malé atoll. The adjacent island of Hulhulé serves as the capital's airport.
digestion Impaired digestion, which can cause uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms and overall poor health.
A two-digit code where the first digit indicates the degree of vapours (solvents) given off, and the second digit the degree of contact hazard. Both digits should be as low as possible to improve occupational health and safety.
abnormal, bad
Prefix denoting a bad or unfavorable condition. Malalignment, Malocclusion, Malposition and Malrelation are common terms used in describing unfavorable tooth positions.
a programming language going to be used universally by mallu s. A tutorial introduction for the mal programming language is found here.
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Minimum Analytical Limit
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Member at large. A league member who does not live in the area of a local league and is not enrolled in it.
Mailing Address Label. An Oracle database that currently stores basic information about standard subscribers, such as subscriber's number, name, mailing address, and e-mail address.
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PH A * L