Definitions for "Different"
Of various or contrary nature, form, or quality; partially or totally unlike; dissimilar; as, different kinds of food or drink; different states of health; different shapes; different degrees of excellence.
unlike in nature or quality or form or degree; "took different approaches to the problem"; "came to a different conclusion"; "different parts of the country"; "on different sides of the issue"; "this meeting was different from the earlier one"
not like; marked by dissimilarity; "for twins they are very unlike"; "people are profoundly different"
Keywords:  adj, equalp, foo, destroyed, strings
adj. not the same The strings "FOO" and "foo" are different under equal but not under equalp.
adj. That which must be destroyed.
Distinct; separate; not the same; other.
distinctly separate from the first; "that's another (or different) issue altogether"
distinct or separate; "each interviewed different members of the community"
differing from all others; not ordinary; "advertising that strives continually to be different"; "this new music is certainly different but I don't really like it"