Definitions for "Strings"
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Long metal cords that produce sound when the bow is drawn across them. A string player can vary the pitch of the sound produced by lengthening or shortening the string with his/her fingers.
These are the lengths of steel, nickel, plastic, or gut that run from the bridge, through the nut, and out to the tuning pegs of your instrument. These are the pieces that actually MAKE the sounds that you play when you play your instrument.
The hitting surface of the racket, made up of interlaced strings of gut or synthetic material.
The two outside members of a stair to which the ends of the treads are attached. These are manufactured from heavy hardwood timbers for added strength.
Strings is a Pakistani pop band comprising two members, Bilal Maqsood (Urdu: بلال مقصود)and Faisal Kapadia (Urdu: فیصل کپاڈیا). Strings started with four college students (Bilal, Faisal, and two friends) in 1990, when they came out with a self-titled album. After "Strings 2" in 1992, the band was dismembered.
strings find printable strings in an object file or binary
Strings is a mythic fantasy film about the son of the slain ruler who sets out to revenge his father, but finds out things that forces him to see the conflict between two peoples differently from what he has learned.
A string is an atom with character string value, for example, "abcd". Individual characters of the string can be accessed using the [] operation. Some string manipulation functions are supported. See also: String , StringMid .
A sequence of characters, such as ``hello'' or ``arc132.''
Alphanumeric characters. String functions extract text or return numbers based on text.
Strings are the part of a tennis racquet on which contact is made with the ball. The strings are alternatly woven through the frame of the racquet to cover the racquet face.
Two pieces of ribbon - each approximately 2 inches wide and 30 inches long - one of each of which is sewn inside at the top of each side in front of certain gowns.
A pattern of narrow, low peat ridges oriented at right angles to the direction of drainage; water and peat very low in nutrients.
Tubelike configurations of energy that may have formed 10 -34 seconds after the creation of the universe and may have subsequently served as the condensation centers for galaxy formation.
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Strings of material due to poor gate cut off. See pulled gate.
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Thin ropes used to secure side and top cloths on a working boat.
In computer software, strings is a program in Unix-like operating systems that prints the strings found in an executable.
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A literal value representing text.