Definitions for "Revenge"
To inflict harm in return for, as an injury, insult, etc.; to exact satisfaction for, under a sense of injury; to avenge; -- followed either by the wrong received, or by the person or thing wronged, as the object, or by the reciprocal pronoun as direct object, and a preposition before the wrong done or the wrongdoer.
To inflict injury for, in a spiteful, wrong, or malignant spirit; to wreak vengeance for maliciously.
To take vengeance; -- with
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Revenge is a studio album by Kiss, released in 1992. It was the band's first album since the death of long-time drummer Eric Carr in November 1991. His replacement, Eric Singer, had played with Black Sabbath, Badlands, and Alice Cooper, among others.
Revenge is a full-length studio album by German metal band Paragon, released in 2005.
Revenge is the "comeback" album from the band Iron Fire, released March 31st, 2006.
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The 1990 action thriller movie Revenge stars Kevin Costner, Anthony Quinn, Madeleine Stowe, Miguel Ferrer and Sally Kirkland. It was directed by Emmy Award-winning director Tony Scott.
"Revenge" is an unreleased demo recorded by Madonna during the Ray of Light recording sessions. According to the CMRRA, Madonna, Rick Nowels and Greg Fitzgerald wrote the song, though the producer is still unknown.
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Revenge was a side project of New Order bassist Peter Hook (vocals, bass, keyboards). Other members were Chris Jones (keyboards) and Dave Hicks (guitar), who was later replaced by David Potts.
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Revenge was the title of the first episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. This pilot stared Vera Mills and Ralph Meeker. It is available on Disk One of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season One DVD collection.
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a dish best served cold
a dish best served nightly, and the Kernels made up for the previous night's taut game by serving up another one
When the response to an offense is not tempered in relation to the severity of the offense, but instead matched or exceeded by the degree of anger or outrage of those offended. Revenge is usually not dispensed through a legitimate source either, but even a source which is legitimate for dispensing justice may dispense revenge if the punishment is not properly set according to the crime. (see "Justice")
action taken in return for an injury or offense
The Grave The Masks The Encounter
This is the concept in sports systems referring to a team that its previous encounter with its current opponent.