Definitions for "Ralph"
Keywords:  cjf, simpson, buttress, hoof, widest
One of the five basic hoof shapes listed in the eagle-eye approach suggested by Scott Simpson, CJF. The Ralph pattern is generally asymmetric, with the widest part of the foot located in the rear third and one buttress farther back than the other.
Bryant of Terra. Traveled to Galgolb and was instrumental in infiltrating the dungeons.
Keywords:  riddle, sarah, chose, told, truth
One of the riddle giving guards who always told the truth or always lied. Ralph was the one on the right wearing blue, and whose door Sarah chose to enter.
Ralph is a monthly Australian magazine published by ACP Publishing, a division of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited. It was first published in August 1997.
Keywords:  raven, sometimes, name
A name sometimes given to the raven.
Keywords:  toss, drink, cookies, small, community
A small community in Da U.P. Also means to drink too much and toss your cookies