Definitions for "broadcasting"
the medium that disseminates via telecommunications; radio and television.
taking part in a radio or tv program.
A means of one-way, point-to-multipoint transmission where the end receiver is not known to the broadcaster, ie it is an 'open' system. Broadcasting is typical for radio and television transmission where the audience is only defined by virtue of having the correct receive equipment.
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Fertilizer and seed can both be broadcast. When seed, for example, is broadcast it is spread by handful or by a spreader as evenly as possible over the soil. For best results, it is usually most effective to prepare the soil beforehand. When seed is light or small, mixing it with sand can make even distribution easier. After the seed is broadcast, water it gently; you might also need to rake soil lightly over the seeds, depending on the variety.
distributing chemicals in the pool by scattering over the water surface
Refered to as scattering seed randomly by hand.
The delivery of data packets to all computers on a network.
Sending the same document to more than one location.
A method of transmitting packets to all ports on a network.
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Semer à tout vent Emission, f Plantación general A way of planting. Also called planting in long drifts. Done by strewing out the bulbs and planting them where they landed to obtain a maximum natural feel.
Sprinkling a granular chemical over the water surface. Bromine: A sanitizer similar to chlorine and one of the original hot tub sanitizers. Bromine is very effective against bacteria. Unlike chlorine, it sanitizes when combined with ammonia (see Bromamine).
technique that allows numpy functions to operate on arrays of different, but conformable shapes. The shapes of two arrays are conformable as long as the trailing dimensions which they have in common all have the same lengths or one of the dimensions is 1; the shorter operand simply repeats its values for every index of a dimension equal to 1 or a dimension it doesn't have.
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a full service Feild Engineering firm
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Tossing granules out over the deep end of your pool.
Broadcasting is the automatic memory transmission of one document to multiple destinations, sequentially.
a medium that disseminates via telecommunications
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an equal opportunity employer
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a model for media throughout the world
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Imaging Spot
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a great place to work