Definitions for "Single sideband"
a system of radio communications in which the carrier and either the upper or lower sideband is removed from AM transmission to reduce the channel width and improve the signal-to-noise ratio SIR specific information requirements SITREP situation report SM smoke munitions SOI signal operation instructions SOP standing operating procedure SP self-propelled SPC specialist SPIES special patrol insertion/extraction system SPOTREP spot report SSB single sideband
Single-sideband transmission (SSB) is a method of transmitting audio based on amplitude modulation in which only one sideband is transmitted. Essentially, the carrier and one sideband of an AM signal are removed, leaving only the other sideband. Assuming both sidebands are symmetric, no information is lost in the process. The required signal bandwidth is reduced and, since the final RF amplification is concentrated in a single sideband, effective power output is greater than normal AM. The carrier and redundant sideband account for well over half of the power output of an AM transmitter.
A modulation technique that suppresses one sideband and the carrier and transmits only the remaining sideband.