Definitions for "Suppressed"
(adj.) Very slowly growing trees with crowns in the lower layer of the canopy and leading shoots not free. Such trees are subordinate to dominants, codominants, and intermediates in the crown canopy.
Trees entirely below the general level of the crown cover, receiving no direct light from above or the sides (see crown classes). Syn. - overtopped.
Applied to plants or trees only 1/2 to 5/8 of the height of the best trees, with their leading shoots definitely overtopped by their neighbours or at least shaded on all side by them. Cf. Dominant; Dominated.
held in check with difficulty; "a smothered cough"; "a stifled yawn"; "a strangled scream"; "suppressed laughter"
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manifesting or subjected to suppression; "a suppressed press"
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A name or work on which the Commission has ruled that the name or work is never to be used (totally suppressed) or only conditionally used (conditionally suppressed).
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kept from public knowledge by various means;