Definitions for "Cleaning"
A process, which physically removes contamination but does not necessarily destroy microorganisms. Current routines do not typically quantify the reduction of microbial contamination, which depends upon many factors, including the efficiency of the cleaning process. Cleaning removes micro-organisms and the organic material on which they thrive. It is a necessary pre-requisite of effective disinfection or sterilisation.
The removal of dirt or contaminants from windows Ramenwassen
An action of a boring machine to remove spoil that occurs when the auger is rotating while axially stationary.
Cutting down of remaining unusable trees, undergrowth and saplings unsuitable for the site, usually following regeneration felling
a release treatment made in a stand not past the sapling stage to free the favoured trees from less desirable species of the same age that overtop them or are likely to do so.
a release treatment made in an age class not past the sapling stage to free the favored trees from less desirable individuals of the same age class that overtop them or are likely to do so
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The afterbirth of cows, ewes, etc.
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In Piers' view one of the highest forms of work and yet one of the least highly regarded by society. A garbage collector leaves everything beautiful and tidy in his wake, whereas a general leaves only death and destruction. So a garbage collector should be held in higher esteem than a general.
Trent panels are cleaned prior to final hand-over. Cleaning to BS: 8221-1:2000 (Code of practice and surface repair fo buildings - Part 1: Cleaning of natural stone, brick, terracotta and concrete)
To "clean" a data file is to check for wild codes and inconsistent responses (see Consistency Check); to verify that the file has the correct and expected number of records, cases, and cards or records per case; and to correct errors found.
Refers to a step in preparing data for a data mining activity. Obvious data errors are detected and corrected (e.g., improbable dates) and missing data is replaced.
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See prophylaxis.
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a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) Metro Washington DC, chapter
Cleaning is an essential part of birdhouse and feeder maintainance. Please see Health for more information.
a Manitoba based corporation established
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Cleanliness level Clearance
Fixing the indentation and separation on every line in a region or an input file.
taking the necessary steps (driving around, stopping in various locations) to avoid being followed.
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options and assessments
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The act of making clean.