Definitions for "Errors"
Errors refer to listings that contain inadequate or flawed information and are thus prevented from being uploaded to the site (e.g., they contain inappropriate language, are missing a required field, have no price, etc.).
As anyone with a Delta can tell you, not the same as mistakes (which see).
A matchcover category whose design was unintentionally printed incorrectly by the manufacturer and accidentally released in a customer's order. Errors include misprints, mis-cuts, double design, color mis-registration, color missing, 40-sticks with two 20-stick design imprints side by side, front designs printed inside, etc. (See Irregulars).
Uncertainties of information pertaining to the system. All observations have errors as do all model states. Errors can be systematic (e.g. biases) or random. It is usual to correct for biases (if known) before the assimilation procedure starts and to assume that random errors are Gaussian in nature (this leads to the quadratic form of the cost function in 3d- and 4d-Var). Errors are related to variances.
Results from a defensive player failing to field a ball that the official scorer believes the player should have caught. ER
Problems detected by the system during operation and recorded in the maintenance log. Errors can produce an alarm if they exceed a threshold.
A breakdown of the error messages received by visitors to your site. Usually includes a link to the offending URL, allowing you to correct the problem.
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