Definitions for "correction"
A reversal of the prevailing trend. The term is commonly used to describe...
A decline, usually short and steep, in the prevailing price of shares traded in the market or an individual share. Any time that commentators cannot find a reason for an individual stock or the entire market falling, they call it a correction. It sounds better than a "Crash".
A relatively short-term drop in stock market prices, generally viewed as bringing overpriced stocks back to a level closer to companies' actual values.
the value added algebraically to the uncorrected result of a measurement to compensate for systematic error. Note: since the systematic error cannot be known perfectly, the compensation cannot be complete.
the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right
something substituted for an error
The act of correcting, or making that right which was wrong; change for the better; amendment; rectification, as of an erroneous statement.
That which is substituted in the place of what is wrong; an emendation; as, the corrections on a proof sheet should be set in the margin.
an admission that you were wrong, and is generally accompanied by an apology to the reader
The act of reproving or punishing, or that which is intended to rectify or to cure faults; punishment; discipline; chastisement.
the act of punishing; "the offenders deserved the harsh discipline they received"
see "Punishment"
This will appear on a bank statement where a previous entry has been found to be incorrect or inaccurate. The correction will be noted on your statement to show that the relevant debit or credit has been made to your account.
User ability to alter incomplete or inaccurate personal information that a company has collected. Collectors of private data should always give you the ability to make additions and corrections.
a signal to the dog that he did not obey a command or execute it properly
Using any number of techniques to let a dog know you will not tolerate its mis-behavior.  NOTE: Corrections should be made only when you are certain the dog has successfully learned and understands what has been asked of it.
The production (possibly by excision and repair) of a properly paired nucleotide pair from a sequence of hybrid DNA that contains an illegitimate pair.
Abatement of noxious qualities; the counteraction of what is inconvenient or hurtful in its effects; as, the correction of acidity in the stomach.
The elimination of a defect. [D00372] FAR 46.701 QMPP
The action taken to eliminate a detected nonconformity.
The process whereby a user selects a suggested alternate for written or spoken input. See "alternate." See also "dictionary," "factoid," "grammar set."
An allowance made for inaccuracy in an instrument; as, chronometer correction; compass correction.
Species - An adjustment of the readings of the resistance-type electrical moisture meter to compensate for different species of wood. Corrections are tabulated in AS/NZS 1080 1:1997 Temperature - An adjustment of the readings of the resistance-type electrical moisture meter to compensate for changes in the temperature of wood. Corrections are tabulated in AS/NZS 1080 1:1997
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Correlation Correlation coefficient
a change in the position of one or more particles
a change only to individual data elements that a source wishes to change or correct, and requires a new certification letter covering that change
It contains all the objects that a developer has changed or created. It also controls customizing that has been maintained.
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a quantity that is added or subtracted in order to increase the accuracy of a scientific measure
Refers to the specific lens prescription required by a patient
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a matter of when and not if
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treatment of a specific defect; "the correction of his vision with eye glasses"
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an object that is attached to an article
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This covers any corrections made to trade reports.
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(see: E.E.T.).
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