Definitions for "Apology"
Something said or written in defense or justification of what appears to others wrong, or of what may be liable to disapprobation; justification; as, Tertullian's Apology for Christianity.
An acknowledgment intended as an atonement for some improper or injurious remark or act; an admission to another of a wrong or discourtesy done him, accompanied by an expression of regret.
A style of writing or rhetoric used by Paul that is a reasoned defense of particular beliefs or behavior. (See "rhetoric.")
Anything provided as a substitute; a makeshift.
a good thing, but it does seem like this particular charge is so wrongheaded and nasty that it calls into question why anyone would want to read (or publish) such a blog
an admission of guilt, and the only thing I'm guilty of is standing by my man
a big gesture which may come in time, but only a head of a state or someone elected directly by the voters has the legitimacy to make that act
an important gesture and an important part of the repair process
an attempt to be forgiven for an act of injustice
a Pontius Pilate act and just a waste of time on its own
an act of saying sorry; (see Ro. apologie = En. eulogy);
a step in the healing process, and should be understood as a move towards a better future, rather than as a fruitless hearkening back to an unhappy but unchangeable past
a step in the right direction though
an opportunity to recognise this past inhumanity and to affirm that indigenous Australians are indeed part of us
a tool to affirm the primacy of our connection with others
A defence or vindication from accusation.
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a lame request
a part of the recommended sentence of Knox County Teen Court
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a good place to start, however time and consistent effort are needed to overcome many bad choices
a necessary first step and further efforts may be required to repair the damage and hurt inflicted by these comments
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a surrender you fat dolt
A disclaimer of intentional error or offense.
a great start and I admire you for offering one to mr produce
a great way to break down a sales barrier when making prospecting calls
a social transaction that involves a significant exchange of power, an exchange that is crucial for the restoration of balance and harmony
Keywords:  finesse, skill, soft, maximum, effect
a soft skill that requires finesse to have maximum effect
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an unusual song
Keywords:  excuse, automobile, meal, poor, example
a poor example; "it was an apology for a meal"; "a poor excuse for an automobile"
a prerequisite to any practical solution
a statement that assumes that it itself will be heard and appreciated in the culture of the Arab world
Keywords:  morals, western, manners, piece, low
a relatively low level piece of western manners and morals
Keywords:  shoot, moon, good, way, last
a good way to have the last word
a good way to have the Shoot for the moon
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a sign of strength, not weakness
Keywords:  offer
To offer an apology.
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a small price to pay