Definitions for "angst"
Angst is an active sniffer, based on libpcap and libnet. Dumps into a file the payload of all the TCP packets received on the specified ports. Also, it implements methods for active sniffing of networks with switches.
Angst is an active sniffer, based on libpcap and libnet. It dumps into a file the payload of all the TCP packets received on the specified ports. It implements two methods for active sniffing. Angst is able to monitor ARP requests, and after enabling IP forwarding on the local host, it sends ARP replies mapping all IPs to the local MAC address.
Putting characters through emotionally/physically/mentally pain and making the readers feel for them.
Angst, rhymes with gong, not with fang. An all-purpose word at TEP used to describe any sort of stress, pain, indescribable anxiety, etc. Something which is in great abundance while classes are going at MIT.
A German word used by Martin Heidegger to specify the particular modern mood of unsettled fear and doubt that is prevalent in current industrial and post-industrial societies.
Characters dealing with heavy, personal issues.
Generally an introspective piece, quite often sad, though may have a happy ending.
A state of depression or anger between characters. Easy to spot once you're used to fanfiction.
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Angst is an album released by the industrial band KMFDM. Angst was released in 1993 on TVT/Wax Trax! Records in the United States.
Angst is the seventeenth album by Klaus Schulze.
Angst is a 2000 black comedy written by Anthony O'Connor, directed by Daniel Nettheim and starring Sam Lewis, Jessica Napier, Justin Smith and Abi Tucker. It was shot in and around Sydney, Australia. The film was released in Australian theatres on August 31, 2000.
Angst is a 1983 Austrian Serial Killer film. Written and directed by Gerald Kargl with cinematography by Academy Award winner Zbigniew Rybczynski. Though little known the film has received praise for its unconventional camera work and intense acting performances, particularly from Actor Erwin Leder famous for his role as Johann in the Wolfgang Petersen film Das Boot.
Psychic state characterized by an emergency of the conscience which denounces a condition of deep pain for a baleful happening or the dread that it can happen. It can be accompanied (what aggravating circumstance) from a state of impotence and inadequacy towards what which has happened or towards the possibility that it can happens.
A sense of self-loathing, often leading to lack of will and motivation. Some writers and their fans have deveolped it into an art form. [SMB
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The quality of being annoying.