Definitions for "Emotional"
extravagantly demonstrative; "insincere and effusive demonstrations of sentimental friendship"; "a large gushing female"; "write unrestrained and gushy poetry"
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Emotional is the fourth, and so far latest studio album by K-Ci & Jo Jo. The album released on November 26, 2002 and contains hit single "This Very Moment".
Emotional is the debut album by R&B singer, Carl Thomas.
Pertaining to, or characterized by, emotion; excitable; easily moved; sensational; as, an emotional nature.
of or pertaining to emotion; "emotional health"; "an emotional crisis"
Having feelings that are easily stirred; displaying those feelings.
Competence: A child who is emotionally stable is self-motivated, can stick to a task, is capable of understanding others and can build trusting relationships, can cope with stress and is able to manage strong feelings. Scientists and child development experts know that positive interactions with parents and other caregivers lay the ground work for strong psychological and neurological development that babies need in order to develop emotional competence. A baby's early care will affect how he or she develops, learns, copes with, and handles emotion.
determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason; "it was an emotional judgment"
of persons; excessively affected by emotion; "he would become emotional over nothing at all"; "she was worked up about all the noise"
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of more than usual emotion; "his behavior was highly emotional"
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information about emotional states.