Definitions for "German"
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Asö nig Dame Bube
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Flora und Fauna
A round dance, often with a waltz movement, abounding in capriciosly involved figures.
A social party at which the german is danced.
A native or one of the people of Germany.
of a more or less German nature; somewhat German; "Germanic peoples"; "his Germanic nature"; "formidable volumes Teutonic in their thoroughness"
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German is a parish in the Isle of Man.
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A offensive tactic to throw the disc when the defender isn't looking and stops defenders fronting. The throw tends to go over the shoulder and ends in humiliation. (Named after the German team who did this).
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Nearly related; closely akin.
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Of or pertaining to Germany.
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a very small thing to be in the scheme of things
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The German language.
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a human being, and very likely Mr
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a person of German nationality