Definitions for "malice"
Enmity of heart; malevolence; ill will; a spirit delighting in harm or misfortune to another; a disposition to injure another; a malignant design of evil.
Any wicked or mischievous intention of the mind; a depraved inclination to mischief; an intention to vex, annoy, or injure another person, or to do a wrongful act without just cause or cause or excuse; a wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others; willfulness.
To regard with extreme ill will.
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Malice is a 1993 film written by Aaron Sorkin, Jonas Mc Cord and Scott Frank. The movie was directed by Harold Becker and stars Nicole Kidman, Alec Baldwin, and Bill Pullman. The film was released on October 1, 1993.
Malice is a total conversion for Quake, developed jointly by Team Epochalypse (which would go on to form Ratloop) and Quantum Axcess. Malice was published by Quantum Axcess in October 1997 and sold as a stand alone item. It would also later be available bundled with Q!Zone and the original Quake in the form of the Resurrection Pack for Quake, distributed by GT Interactive.
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Through the Eyes of the Dead's second full-length follow-up to 2005's Bloodlust. The new album will again feature artwork from Paul Romano ( Mastodon, The Red Chord). The band will enlist Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, ex-Morbid Angel) for production, engineering and mixing with Alan Douches (Unearth, Shadows Fall) of West West Side Music mastering the effort.
Malice is the name of two separate disembodied supervillains in Marvel Comics.
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to want to hurt someone on purpose
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feeling a need to see others suffer
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