Definitions for "Physical abuse"
Hitting, slapping, beating, burning or other abuse that physically harms a person.
Physical harm inflicted upon a child by a parent or person in loco parentis, including injuries sustained as a result of excessive corporal punishment, but excluding corporal punishment or physical discipline which: (i) is administered by a parent or person in loco parentis; (ii) is perpetrated for the sole purpose of restraining or correcting the child; (iii) is reasonable in manner and moderate in degree; (iv) has not brought about permanent or lasting damage to the child; (v) is not reckless or grossly negligent behavior by the parents.
Bodily injury that is inflicted or allowed to be inflicted, other than by accident, by a parent, a person responsible for a child's care, or any other person
Keywords:  intimidation, threats, force
Physical, force, threats, and intimidation.