Definitions for "Vandalism"
The spirit or conduct of the Vandals; ferocious cruelty; hostility to the arts and literature, or willful destruction or defacement of any object of beauty or value.
the willful or malicious destruction or damage of any public or private property.
Willful, intentional, often random, destruction or defacement of private or public property. Insurance against the vandalism peril is usually combined with the malicious mischief peril.
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Vandalism is an Australian electro house music group. It comprises DJs/producers Andy Van, Kam Denny and Cassie. In February 2006 Vandalism released a cover single "Never Say Never" (originally sung by Romeo Void), backed by a considerable amount of airplay by Nova (radio network) and a video clip shown on Rage (TV program).
Vandalism is something that no one wants to deal with. It costs the vending industry millions of dollars a year. It usually makes the vending machine unusable for a period of time. Vandalism can easily be avoided by finding suitable locations for vending machines. Associated Terms: Vandals, vandal, vandalized, vandalized machine, vandalized machines, vandalized vending machine, vandalized vending machines.