Definitions for "damaged"
Rendered imperfect by impairing the integrity of some part, or by breaking. Opposite of unbroken.
being unjustly brought into disrepute; as, her damaged reputation.
made to appear imperfect; -- especially of reputation; as, the senator's seriously damaged reputation.
Damaged was a heavy metal band from Ballarat in Victoria, Australia that was formed in 1989 by drummer Matt "Skitz" Sanders. The line-up was completed by bass player Jason Parker (aka "Mohawk") and vocalist James Ludbrook. Guitarists Jarrod Bongiorno and Paul Meddick were also members briefly before Chris Hill (aka "Hilly") and Mat Silcock joined the group.
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Damaged is a 2006 album by Lambchop.
changed so as to reduce value, function, or other desirable trait; -- usually not used of persons. Opposite of undamaged.
Whenever a widget needs to be redisplayed due to a change in the window (e.g. the widget is changed, moved, or realized), it's said to be damaged.
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harmed or injured or spoiled; "I wont't buy damaged goods"; "the storm left a wake of badly damaged buildings"
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A damaged coin would be one that has had something happen to it to cause a defect. Examples would be: holes, bent, major nicks, corrosion, scratches, mutilation. Usually makes the coin worth much les than one without any defects.
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The number of unique ground objects you inflicted damage to or in the case of a squad, they did damage to.
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The item has been damaged. Damaged status is usually combined with Withdrawn.
The vehicle has sustained significant damage to the body and/or mechanical components.
an important regulator of the immune system