Definitions for "Squad"
Smallest tactical unit composed of 8-12 enlisted men. Led by non-commissioned officer. Identified within a platoon as 1st, 2nd or 3rd squad.
NYPD shorthand for a Detective Unit, either a PDU (Precient Detective unit,) a borough-level or citywide unit. Also used as shorthand referring to all the uniform (patrol) officers assigned to a precient, or other specialized units, such as the CSU squad. See also: CSU.
the smallest unit of organization in the US Army. Number of men varies from 5 to 16.
Can mean Attack Squad (Rochester FD) or rescue squad.
A piece of apparatus especially equipped for rescue and extrication.
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Sloppy mud.
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a group of people who play together on their own server or a public own
a named group of about half a dozen players with a designated leader
a group shooters (five or less) who shoot together at one trap and who shoot in rotation.
A small party of men assembled for drill, inspection, or other purposes.
Hence, any small party.
an organization you belong to that carries over from game to game