Definitions for "Brigade"
A body of troops, whether cavalry, artillery, infantry, or mixed, consisting of two or more regiments, under the command of a brigadier general.
During the Korean War, brigade was an organizational structure used by the British, the Canadians and the Turks. Consisting of a headquarters and two or more battalions, it was roughly analogous to an American regiment.
A unit of four squadrons of soldiers under the command of a junior officer ( Ileshian military term).
Brigade was a comic-book published by created, plotted and written by Rob Liefeld and illustrated by Marat Mychaels.
Brigade is a fictional character created by Electronic Arts, in conjunction with Marvel Comics, in their first attempt to bring Marvel heroes to a video game platform, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.
Brigade is an album released by the popular rock/pop band Heart in 1990 after a three year gap between albums. The album managed to make number three on the U.S. Billboard 200.
Brigade are a rock band from London, England via Bristol, Suffolk and Japan.
French term used to describe all the staff working on the floor of the restaurant or the kitchen.
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A group of RFS volunteers, based at a shed
A group of persons organized for a specific purpose.
Any body of persons organized for acting or marching together under authority; as, a fire brigade.
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To form into a brigade, or into brigades.