Definitions for "Corps"
A body of men; esp., an organized division of the military establishment; as, the marine corps; the corps of topographical engineers; specifically, an army corps.
A component of the army forming a tactical unit comprised of a number of divisions
In the military the term "corps" has both a general and specific meaning. In general it refers to a group of men and women who share similar functions such as the Medical Corps or the Signal Corps. In its specific sense, the word designates an organizational unit subordinate to a field army composed of two or more divisions.
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In some countries of Europe, a form of students' social society binding the members to strict adherence to certain student customs and its code of honor; -- Ger. spelling usually korps.
a privilege and an honor
A Corps is a term used to describe a collection of Regiments or small groupings of soldiers that share a common area of specialist expertise. It is an organisation that has been developed to ensure that common practice is generated across all members of the groupings and to ensure that common interests can be catered for efficiently.
() a group of people having a common activity or occupation
an individual or group providing specific services for a TKO GU
The human body, whether living or dead.
This word is pronounced as "core" (as in "apple core")—we discourage the pronunciation of the word as "corpse" (as in dead body).
(core) of Discovery: A modern name given by historians to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It is a shortened version of a title in a couple of documents regarding the expedition which referred to the group as "The Corps of Volunteers for North Western Discovery."
The land with which a prebend or other ecclesiastical office is endowed.
an integral part of NOAA and commissions officer candidates with science and engineering backgrounds
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The CORPS game system, or Complete Omniversal Role Playing System, is a generic role-playing game system. It was created by Greg Porter in 1998.
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A colloquial term for the CCF.
a body of people associated together; "diplomatic corps"
a common body of people
A local unit of the Woman's Relief Corps. Generally preceded by a name and followed by a number.
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A body or code of laws.
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Community Own Resource Persons