Definitions for "Clark"
Clark is a lunar crater that lies in the southern hemisphere of the Moon's far side. It is located midway between the larger Van der Waals walled plain to the south and the similar-sized Pizzetti crater to the north.
Clark, or Clark Avenue is a Vivastation on York Region's Viva bus rapid transit system, north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It opened on September 4, 2005, on the intersection of Clark Avenue and Yonge Street in Markham/Vaughan, Ontario. It is on the Viva Blue line and the Viva Pink line.
United States explorer who (with Meriwether Lewis) led an expedition from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia River; Clark was responsible for making maps of the area (1770-1838)
United States general who was Allied commander in Africa and Italy in World War II and was commander of the United Nations forces in Korea (1896-1984)
United States psychologist (born in Panama) whose research persuaded the Supreme Court that segregated schools were discriminatory (1914-)
Canadian politician who served as prime minister (1939-)
CLARK the band is a Canadian indie rock band. The band's music has been compared to Talking Heads and Neil Young.
a beautiful spiral of wildflowers and grasses through which the visitor can freely stroll
a myotherapist and founder of Pain Busters Clinic, where he helps his clients find lasting relief from their chronic muscle pain
a principal with the Business Compliance and Controls Group, a firm specializing in integrated auditing, internal controls consulting, corporate compliance plans, assessments, forensic financial investigations and technical accounting consulting
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a big advocate of Health Savings Accounts or HSAs, a new form of health coverage for which more than one million people have signed up
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Clark is a brand of swimming pool pumps, filters and other pool equipment.
a professional artist and educator