Definitions for "Pumps"
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Light, patent leather shoe with a flat, dull-silk bow at the instep. Akin to the Albert shoe, and only worn with evening clothes or dinner clothes..
Women's dress shoes, usually slip on, often with enclosed toe and sides To Top
a low-cut shoe without fastenings
A pump is another name for a circulator. Pumps are used in hydronic systems to move water through the system at a desired rate. Two of the largest manufacturers of circulator pumps are Taco and Bell & Gossett. Taco Pumps and Bell & Gossett Pumps come in several models and should be selected based on the needs of the system.
Hydraulic pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, sump, peristaltic and diaphragm pump manufacturers.
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An (Upper Extremities) Nia Move in which you squeeze, and then relax, the palm and fingers of your hand, as if you were milking a cow.
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in a water treatment facility are used to retrieve untreated potable water. Raw surface water enters the plant through a low lift pump. Ground water enters the plant through a high lift pump. The pumps force the water up to filtering devices above the ground. The designated heights of the filtering devices provide the water with enough velocity to travel throughout the different processes of the treatment facility.
Energy-using proteins which create concentration gradients.
Recently introduced have been both male penis pumps and female vacuum pumps, sometimes with vibration. The male penis pump is used to increase the size of the penis (over time - measured in months). It is also used as an aid to getting and maintaining an erection, usually in conjunction with a cock-ring of some kind.