Definitions for "Boot"
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To load the first piece of software that starts a computer. Because the operating system is essential for running all other programs, it is usually the first piece of software loaded during the boot process.
Starting up a computer by loading a program that allows it to run other programs. The term comes from bootstrapping which means that the computer "pulls itself up by its own bootstraps."
(2003-02-03) Chris Limb A colloquialism meaning to switch on and start a computer.
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A covering for the foot and lower part of the leg, ordinarily made of leather.
Footwear that usually reaches above the calf and higher. (See also bootie.) Comes in a variety of materials, though leather is most common. Boots complement and highlight one's legs with minimal exposure.
a shoe that covers the whole foot and the lower part of the leg. d'orsay
Remedy; relief; amends; reparation; hence, one who brings relief.
That which is given to make an exchange equal, or to make up for the deficiency of value in one of the things exchanged.
Real estate property or proceeds which the taxpayer receives in the 1031 exchange that does not qualify as "like kind" property. Boot is subject to taxes.
A place for baggage at either end of an old-fashioned stagecoach.
Front and back leather containers resembling the toe of a boot placed on a stagecoach to hold treasure boxes and luggage.
Enclosed luggage compartment. Also a sleeve made from leather or rubber that covers a component and retains grease.
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a device attached to the car's wheel in order to immobilize it
a device attached to the wheel to immobilize the vehicle
an orange device locked to your car wheel that immobilizes your car so you cannot move it until your fines are paid
An instrument of torture for the leg, formerly used to extort confessions, particularly in Scotland.
The portion of the pantyhose leg running from the thigh area to the toe, or below stocking welt or panty.
protective casing for something that resembles a leg
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To punish by kicking with a booted foot.
When you boot a football, you kick it really far. When you boot a computer, ...
The game of bomberman. 2. To kick a bomb. 3. The kick prize itself.
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The boot provides a solid connection from bare wires to the KEMLON PIN in the SWBPV bulkhead. It consists of a gold plated pin crimped to the wire. A Teflon sleeve to protect the pin and a rubber boot to cover and seal the connection.
Umbrella operation attaching shell to frame. The “boot” is a metal clip that is crimped between the frame and grabs the fabric.
Build Own Operate and Transfer is a common form of PFI contract, similar to a BOT
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The metal casing and flange fitted about a pipe where it passes through a roof.
A piece of duct used to connect ducts with registers.
A piece of sheet metal that connects a heating or cooling duct and a vent.
A protective covering over any portion of a cable or conductor in addition to its jacket or insulation.
A form placed around the wire terminations of a multiple contact connector as a protective housing or as a container for potting compound.
A protective layer covering any part of a conductor or cable, as well as its insulation or jacket.
A piece of material preformed to protect roof penetrations from dirt, moisture and other foreign and/or damaging substances.
covering of flexible material, which may be preformed to a particular shape, used to seal around a penetration.
Keywords:  tire, hunk, sidewall, tread, bike
a big hunk of metal strapped onto a tire
a piece of old bike tire with the bead/edge cut off
a small piece of material used inside a tire to cover a cut in the tread or sidewall. Without it, the tube will push through and blow out.
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Ferals: - make presence smelt very soon; see log entry re seaboots 13th Jan; 358, see also Titan Arum
Keywords:  barf, hurl, goggling, spew, chunks
Hurl, blow chunks, spew, barf or vomit. It happens when you have too much beer and get past the first stages of beer-goggling.
An apron or cover (of leather or rubber cloth) for the driving seat of a vehicle, to protect from rain and mud.
A flexible rubber cover used over the open ends of master cylinders, wheel cylinders, and calipers to keep out water and contaminants. Fixed Anchor - A non-adjustable anchor pin, riveted, welded, or bolted to the backing plate.
A term used for the rubber part at the bottom or top end of an astragal, which beds the astragal end and seals between the end and the door frame or sill.
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Booty; spoil.
Scabbard attached to a saddle to receive a rifle or carbine.
Boot is a small village in Eskdale, Cumbria, in the Lake District of England.
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To put boots on, esp. for riding.
originating in medieval times for all-around wear, during renaissance boots became used only for riding, hunting and walking.
to expel pre-ride stomach fillers due to extreme physical exertion. "That climb was hairy, I think Brian had to boot back there."
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a scotish accent not a Canadian accent
a soldier just out of boot camp; inexperienced, untested
Ungrammatical contraction of Booting, shortened from Bootstrapping.
A place at the side of a coach, where attendants rode; also, a low outside place before and behind the body of the coach.
A fibrous or metallic group of filaments interwoven in cylindrical form to create a covering over one or more wires.
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n. 1. That part of an automobile which is at the other end from the BONNET.
a concession contract, the government entity selects a private company (or consortium) to develop,
Keywords:  uppermost, sheath, enclosed, leaf, head
The time when the head is enclosed by the sheath of the uppermost leaf.
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Removing a sim from a property.
Profit; gain; advantage; use.
To profit; to advantage; to avail; -- generally followed by it; as, what boots it?
Keywords:  enrich, benefit, addition
To enrich; to benefit; to give in addition.
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A tall section of large-size pipe used as a surge column on a vessel.
Keywords:  snaps, adapter, cord, plug, hearing
a little adapter that snaps into the bottom of the hearing aid to give the DAI cord something to plug into
a means of financing large-scale infrastructure development used primarily by governments
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To raise the levels rod some number of inches so as to be visible to the instrument man, e.g. "Boot 6!" means "raise it 6 inches."
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The balance owed the supplier when an old asset is traded for a new asset.
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To boot one's self; to put on one's boots.