Definitions for "Carbine"
Keywords:  rifle, musket, barrel, firearm, cavalry
A short, light musket or rifle, esp. one used by mounted soldiers or cavalry.
(German: Karabiner). Typically a variation of a military rifle with a shortened barrel, used especially by mounted troops. Some carbines, though, do not have a longer version. The US M1 carbine, for instance, was not a shortened M1 rifle.
A shortened version of a long barreled rifle
Carbine (1885-1914), a New Zealand racehorse, one of the greatest thoroughbreds to race in Australasia, was one of five inaugural inductees into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame. Records show he was the standout performer in the 19th century and would rank with horses such as Phar Lap (who was a direct descendant) , Bernborough, and Tulloch in the 20th century.
a compromise
a weapon that compromises performance for size and weight