Definitions for "Drilling"
Keywords:  boring, punch, sowing, hole, explosive
The act of piercing with a drill.
The act of using a drill in sowing seeds.
(v) A process that uses a rotating cutting tool to produce holes. It can also refer more specifically to a process that produces holes using twist drill bits.
Keywords:  shotgun, rifle, barrel, gun, smoothbore
A three-barreled firearm, primarily European, with both rifle and shotgun barrels.
A three-barreled gun, popular in Germany, with a rifle barrel beneath two shotgun barrels.
Generally a three-barrelled gun, which usually combines two shotgun barrels with one rifle barrel fixed to the one action.
Piercing of stacks of papers in a precision manner with round hollow drills at high speeds. Loose-leaf notebook paper is an example of drilled paper.
Precision piercing of stacks of paper or envelopes. Interoffice and bank teller envelopes are often drilled to ensure that all contents are removed by the recipient.
Useful tool for humiliating uppity students.
The intensive and repetitive practice of the target language, which may be choral or individual.
Keywords:  twilled, linen, cotton, heavy, fabric
A heavy, twilled fabric of linen or cotton.
Keywords:  repeated, exercises, training
A training by repeated exercises.
Keywords:  hiding, fall, wave, get, good
To get a drilling is when you fall off and receive a good hiding from the wave
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the act of drilling