Definitions for "Smg"
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Sub Machine Gun. Small automatic gun which fires a pistol calibre round.
Small Machine Gun. There are all the guns in the game manufactured by Ellan, Renard and some from Walcom. They usually have between 30-40 bullets and shoot at a rapid rate.
Submachine Gun. View Example.
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Speed Made Good - Required speed to destination given the current course.
peed ade ood The speed the vessel is making directly towards a particular destination, such as a selected waypoint, see VMG.
Speed Made Good. Marine term Giving speed to waypoint taking into effect the course you are steering.
Sequenzielle Manuelle Getriebe
Senior Management Group
Subscriber Media Gateway. A media gateway located within the subscriber’s network which “bridges” calls between the Internet Protocol (IP) network and the subscribers telephones (or telephony-type devices). Typically such a media gateway provides an external interface to one or more 2500-type telephony handsets and also supports common standard add-on devices such as caller-id display units and message-waiting lights.
Shanghai Media Group
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Sequential Manual Gearbox
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The acronym SMG may refer to