Definitions for "Telecommunications Management Network"
Keywords:  tmn, itu, elecommunications, nmf, cmip
A management concept that defines the relationship between basic network functional building blocks (operations systems, data communications networks, and network elements) in terms of standard interfaces. For more information refer to and for protocol specifics and additional information refer to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at
Model defined in ITU-T Recommendation M30. TMN will form the standard basis for network management in such advanced networks as SDH and GSM. It defines management functions with standard interfaces using a management network which is separate from the transmission network and uses standard protocols such as CMIP.
A concept where all Operation and Management Centers (OTCs) are all linked together to form a network. The purpose for this network is to facilitate control, monitoring, and management for all devices on a communications network. elecommunications outlet The end of the fixed cable system in the users work area. Usually a wall or floor jack.