Definitions for "NMP "
New Millennium program
New Millenium Program (NASA)
NMP was a political organisation in New Zealand. Several different meanings of the initials "NMP" have been given at different times - the more common definitions are "No More Parties", "No More Politics", and "New Millennium Partnership". The party went through several stages — in the 1999 elections, it was based around theories of the New Age movement, but by the 2002 elections, it appears to have been captured by a group aiming for the radical reform of the New Zealand political system.
Non-physician Medical Practitioner
Non-Money Payment
NMP (НМП in Macedonian; it is a proper name, not an abbreviation) is a visual art collective from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The collective was first conceived as a movement rooted in applied philosophy in February 2002, but it did not have a specific form until 8 April 2005 when Version 1.0 of its official website was launched. NMP focuses primarily on digital art such as photomanipulation and vector, but it also supports photography and non-visual arts, such as poetry and music.
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Network Management Platform. Software that integrates different network management applications.
Network Management Protocol. AT&T’s protocol for the UNMA network management architecture. Conforms to OSI and specifies layers 4-7.
Network Management Protocol. An AT&T developed set of protocols designed to exchange information with and control the devices that govern various components of a network, including modems and T1 multiplexers.
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Nuclear Microprobe
Ribonucleoside monophosphate. See nucleotide.
Abbreviation for N Methyl Perilydone, a solvent-based active ingredient used in so-called "safe" paint strippers. Among these are Back-To-Nature Products and Peel-Away 7. Generally effective but slow-acting.
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plural masculine noun nom masculin pluriel
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NMP is a music module player. It is able to play 18 module formats , and displays various information about channels . Users can control the module with the ability to restart, replay a pattern, go to the next/previous position, and adjust volume, speed, BPM, and tempo.
National Maintenance Program
National Maintenance Point
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Not my problem
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Net material product