Definitions for "RSVP "
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Reservation Protocol (protocole de réservation de ressources)
The RSVP protocol is part of a larger effort to enhance the current Internet architecture with support for Quality of Service flows. The RSVP protocol is used by a host to request specific qualities of service from the network for particular application data streams or flows. RSVP is also used by routers to deliver quality-of-service (QoS) requests to all nodes along the path(s) of the flows and to establish and maintain state to provide the requested service. RSVP requests will generally result in resources being reserved in each node along the data path.
Protocol for reserving network resources to provide guaranteed application Qos (Quality of Service).
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Retired Senior Volunteers Program
Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Definition
A part of the National Senior Volunteer Corps that supports part-time volunteers providing service in such areas as literacy, drug abuse prevention, health, nutrition, education and crime prevention, plus addressing problems of at-risk persons and refugees.
RSVP is a solution along the same lines of evite! or Yahoo! invites. You can use it to create a Web invitation that is mailed to each one of your guests as the guest account is created.
"Please reply" - when appearing on an invitation, means that you should reply to the host whether you can attend. A popular and much more efficient form is "RSVP - Regrets Only", meaning one needs to reply only if they cannot make the event.
abbreviations of French Respondez S´íl Vous Plait. Initially used on formal invitations requesting a formal answer, now common slang for please reply (4.48 Psychosis).
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ource Reser ation rotocol
Rover Sequencing and Visualization Planner. A software tool used by operators of the MER rovers, for developing command sets to be uploaded to the spacecraft during the surface phase of the mission.
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a must for this one so that we can make sure we have enough chaperones
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a gracious act and one that is never out of style
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Respond If You Please (expect yes or no)