Definitions for "SCTP"
SCTP - Stream Control Transmission Protocol is a reliable transport layer protocol designed to transport PSTN signaling messages over IP networks.
a next generation control protocol (similar to TCP, but with additioanl capabilities).
tream ontrol ransmission rotocol SCTP is a reliable transport protocol operating on top of a connectionless packet network such as IP. IETF
Keywords:  stp, utp, shield, unshielded, twisted
Screened Twisted Pair. A twisted pair cable in which each twisted pair is NOT shielded individually but all twisted pairs are protected by outer (overall) shield. ScTP gives better protection to interference than UTP. See picture. Also see twisted pair. Compare with STP.
Copper cable that includes one or more sets of cable pairs which have been molded into an insulating material and covered by a braided shielding conductor. STP offers better noise protection than unshielded twisted pair (UTP) but is much more expensive and more difficult to use. Commonly associated with early token ring networks.
Screened Twisted Pair. Premise network cable with an overall foil shield.