Definitions for "Reliable"
Suitable or fit to be relied on; worthy of dependance or reliance; trustworthy.
that which can be relied on; dependable; trustworthy; in testing, provides consistent results when administered on different occasions.
dependable, responsible, regularly does what it should do ...... back
how close repeated measures are to each other.
A reliable language test or other assessment tool produces the same results in the same group if the test is repeated, regardless of who is marking the test. A test can never be perfectly reliable but good tests strive for high reliability.
Statistical reliability refers to measurements that can be repeated with time. For example, a variable or statistic is said to be reliable if its value can be measured in the same way in repeated experiments.
high degree of certainty and predictability for a desired outcome; an EREA effectiveness-assessment theme associated with the physical dimension of a context
Meets standard industry and specific ATC performance criteria.
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adjective विश्‍वà¤1/4सनीय, भरपर्दो general
A reliable source of electricity is constantly available over long periods of time. Energy
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Giving the same result on successive trials.
A person or thing that can be counted upon to do what is expected or required.